Over and out:

Sort Mælk (Black Milk english trans), is not more produced. A magazine that challenged the existing format of writing and played with untrained people who just had a passion and persona who could not resist sharing.

The undersigned was Art Director from start to finish and did everything design and many administrative tasks in advance. for production and financing.

Maybe it will be again.


Sort Mælk nr. 6

The last produces magazine made in February 2016

The idea

Sort Mælk toke pride in digging deep and compiling the most engaging and reputable, from home and abroad. We believed that we could merge underground and popularity together in a bouquet that was wide and independent. Something we did throughout six magazines.



Sort Mælk was a free magazine for the urbanized, music addicted and free minded user. A user that loved the smell of foreign cuisines.



The magazine was produced in 3.000 copies at the time. It was located around in Denmarks biggest cities.

Forside web.jpg


The website got a bigger makeover before the concept stopped. The focus was on making the medium's first payment channel through the website and that the design should follow the style of the magazine.

Musik web.jpg
Magazine web.jpg

The Library

Bib web.jpg

The Library, a member only place, was a thing that never came true but with a idea that should make it possible for Sort Mælk to produce a higher articulated articles.

Kontakt web.jpg
Artikel web.jpg


The layout for the articles was made as simpel as possible in the idea of giving the reader space to think.